The Spiritual Smoke

The spiritual smoke
This photograph is from a daily ritual called “Ganga Aarti” (Worshiping the river Ganges),which is performed @ Dashaswamedh Ghaat (River bank) in Varanasi, India.

It was too hot the evening i went to see this ritual. Not a mm/sec of wind was there to sooth.We all felt uneasy following through whole 45 minuted of this procedure.We got seats in the front row and thus we sat down. As the pundits came and prepared their aasan (small tables), it was still too hot.Small kids were crying here and there in every direction.Everyone was trying to get some relief using a paper fan. Then all five pundits stood on their tables and started the aarti. To everyone’s surprise, air started moving slowly.As the pundits started using their smoke lamps, the atmosphere became so windy and cool that everything except the chants and the claps, went to silence. It was so much spiritual,and you don’t experience it everyday.


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